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Home inspector, Experience Excellence

Home inspector, Experience Excellence

Home inspector, Experience ExcellenceHome inspector, Experience ExcellenceHome inspector, Experience Excellence

Home Inspection, Asbestos, Mold, and Radon services. Training provided by United States #1 training academy.

The Sentinel

What Home Inspectors Evaluate During a Home Inspection


Licensed Master Inspector, Asbestos Supervisor and Inspector, Certified Mold Remediator, Radon Measurement Technician, and Indoor Air Quality Consultant


The Sentinel Experience

Sentinel Inspections, LLC utilizes cutting edge equipment to go beyond the scope of a typical home inspection (Thermal Imaging, Moisture Meter Tests, Electrical outlet polarity tests, and many other tools). 

We conduct inspections according to the Standards of Practice created by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI). 

Home inspections include:

  1. Structural Systems - foundation, framing, crawlspace, attic
  2. Exterior - wall coverings, doors, windows, decks, steps, walkways, driveways, vegetation and grading
  3. Roof System - roof coverings, drainage system, chimneys, skylights and other roof penetrations
  4. Plumbing System - interior water supply and distribution system, faucets and drains, vents and flues, water heating equipment, fuel storage and distribution systems, sumps
  5. Electrical System - service entrance and conductors, cables and raceways, over-current protection, ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCI's), arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCI’s)
  6. Heating System - heating equipment, vents, flues and chimneys
  7. Air Conditioning System - central and thru-the-wall equipment
  8. Interior - walls, ceilings, floors, doors, windows
  9. Insulation and Ventilation - insulation and vapor retarders in unfinished spaces, attic and foundation ventilation
  10. Fireplaces and Solid Fuel Burning Appliances - system components, vents, flues, chimneys

Comprehensive digital reports available SAME DAY following your Home Inspection. Reports include pictures of all deficiencies and maintenance tips, along with diagrams to assist with explanations of major systems. 

Warranties Included with Residential Home Inspections


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